Response to the current conflict in Israel and Gaza

The current conflict in Gaza and Israel is truly shocking and devastating. Many local residents have friends or family directly affected. We hope and pray for all those caught in this cruel conflict.

The Altrincham Interfaith Group was set up to bring together the major faith groups in the area, to help improve knowledge and understanding of one another, to develop friendships between people of the different faiths, and to work together to make a positive contribution to our local community.

Our vision is of developing a cohesive community, where there is no fear of the ‘the other’ and at times of tension, nationally or internationally we are determined to continue working together as neighbours in peace and harmony.

Now is a time to draw together, to actively listen to one another in order to truly understand each other’s diverse narratives, to unite against those who would divide us, and to treat one another with mutual love, care and respect.

Elinor Chohan (Chairperson AIG)