Altrincham Interfaith Group Cultural Entertainment Evening July 25th 2019

This year the Cultural Entertainment Evening was held at All Saint’s Anglican Church, Hale Barns and the Hall was filled with an enthusiastic audience. The event began with a welcome delivered by Ann Angel from the committee of AIG after which she introduced the first act, Gerry Murphy from St Vincent’s Church, Altrincham, who played a medley of songs on the bagpipes. The audience spontaneously joined in with Amazing Grace, and other popular songs. This was followed by Fiona Simpson from Altrincham Methodist Church who sang in a wonderfully rich voice while accompanying herself on the guitar. She encouraged everyone to sing the chorus to her songs “You are the Wind beneath my Wings” and “My Lighthouse” – complete with actions!

We then had Hindu performers from the Vedic Organisation for Indian Culture and Education (VOICE) who sang a short Indian prayer (Avya and Suhaavi Sehgal, and Aarush and Piyush Kumar) accompanied by the violin ( Navya ). It was followed by four dancers (Shreya Pathak, Suhaavi Sehgal, Riya Sharma and Eshaani Patil) with stunningly beautiful dresses in vivid colours who performed Kathak – Raas, a classical Indian dance telling part of the story of Krishna. We then saw another wonderful Kathak dance piece called Tarana performed with elegance and grace by Krishna Panchmatia that was quite breath taking.
After a short break for refreshments, Adnan Malik, a student of the Azeemi Sufi order, read his poem “The Acorn and the Dirt” which was about the reactions of an acorn on falling to the earth, and this was followed by The Menorah Choir led by Ruti Worrall, who sang a variety of songs including a highly original version of Old MacDonald had a farm which included kangaroos, parrots and a choir! Some prayers were sang including one for peace around the world. It was then time for some Communal Singing, led by the choir, and everyone joined in with enthusiasm, especially the rendition of “Rhythm of Life.”
Ruth Neal, Chair of Altrincham Interfaith Group then thanked everyone and presented Ann Angel, the main organiser, with a beautiful orchid. All in all, it was a splendid evening and all the performers were of a very high standard. Finally, we are most grateful to All Saint’s Church and Reverend Claire Jaquiss for allowing us to use the hall and catering facilities.