Visit to Mosque

Title: Visit to Mosque
Location: Zakariyya Mosque, Peace Street, Bolton, BL3 5LJ
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Zakariyya Mosque

Zakariyya Mosque

Description: Zakariyya Jame Masjid is the central mosque of Bolton.It is the central mosque in Bolton, playing an important role in uniting and serving all Muslims in the town. It holds a capacity of housing up to 3,000 worshippers and acts as a contact point for many groups, agencies and local authorities on various issues in the borough.

About 50 members of Altrincham Interfaith Group had the privilege and pleasure of visiting the Zakariyya Mosque in Bolton on 31st March, for what proved to be a most interesting evening.  We were given a tour around the elegant, domed building with its prayer rooms, one of which could accommodate around 2000 worshippers and were impressed by all the facilities which included a library, IT room with numerous computer terminals, ritual washing room and also a mortuary to expedite speedy burial of the dead according to Muslim practice.  We were invited to enter one of the prayer rooms in time for the sunset (or maghrib) prayer – about 200 men lined shoulder-to-shoulder to pray in traditional fashion in four rows of about 50 people facing in the direction of Makkah and led in prayer by the Imam, who also talked to us about the Mosque, Islam and answered any questions that we had, most openly and frankly.  We were made to feel most welcome and after the tour were given a splendid meal of delicious curries,Zakariyya Mosque samosas and kebabs.   These interfaith events where we share each others experiences and traditions of worship are vitally important in breaking down barriers of suspicion and fear that may exist, as well as proving to be of great interest in themselves, and in this way Altrincham Interfaith Group is helping to promote harmony and understanding between all peoples.

Date: 2011-03-31

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